Best of the Rest

Books and Writers

Stride,  "Found and Lost"  July, 2007
Culture Wars, "The Nymphet and the Granny"  March 18, 2008
Culture Wars, "Canada's Grand Old Man"  July 9, 2008
Open Letters,    "Doubling Up on a Pair of Losers"  May, 2009
Open Letters"The Prodigal Brothers"  December 2010
Open Letters, "The Conrad Connection"  June 2012
Culture Wars. "Desire Under the Algarrobos"  January 2013
Open Letters.  "Fiona's Gambit" February 1, 2013
Three Monkeys Online, If a Woman Should be Messiah  June 2014
The Smart Set,  The Case of the Two-Headed Author, February 22, 2016
The Smart Set, (W)here  lies Constance Wilde?  June 20, 2016

Mixed Nuts: Spies, Operas.  

New Partisan   Dahlberg, Absolution and the Lady Barber May 9, 2005
New Partisan,  Tour de Force, March 10, 2006
Culture Wars, The Man who Almost Wasn't February 4, 2010
Hackwriters,   The Spy who Stiffed Me,  August 2010
Culture Wars  Sounds Exactly Like Opera   May 9, 2011

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